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Thread: Android as a Bluetooth DUN Client HOWTO???? - iTethering using Plain old Nokia phone

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    Question Android as a Bluetooth DUN Client HOWTO???? - iTethering using Plain old Nokia phone


    I'm novice in forums and so forgive my "naiveness". Your help will be greatly apreciated!

    ASUS TF-101 (Basic (No 3G) w/ Latest Prime v 1.8.4 (Android 3.2) working FINE!
    Want to use my Nokia E51 to connect to the Internet vi Bluetooth Tethering.
    Nokia only has BT-DUN profile (i.e. ppp connection over BT-Modem connection). NO BT-PAN profile for Nokias (iPhone's is working well, instead , with BT-PAN)
    BT Pairing is Fine, but TF101 cannot see ANY profile on Nokia, so DUN Client connection is not possible.
    I did verify that the Prime! ROM included the dund set daemon and libraries, so everything should be there.
    There's a known way to get the Android recognize the DUN profile on my Nokia, AND letting me using that as my Internet connection?

    I read something about that (copying profile files somewhere in the TF101...) but I cannot get at that hack anymore!
    I read somewhere that Archos Androids can do DUND tethering out-of the box...

    Anyone can suggest me???

    Best Regards



    I DO KNOW That there's JOIKUSPOT for Nokia, and in effect I'm using this currently, with success, and I do know is FASTER that BT DUN, BUT:

    - WiFi ad-hoc mobile Hotspot like JoikuSpot is draining E52 battery impressively (hot brick going depleted in 40-45 minutes!) and that's not good: my mobile should be lasting at least ONE DAY, to allow making phone calls also
    - Quite all 3G mobiles had BT-DUN profile since 5 years, so I'd like to use also my other "old" candy bars, like ericssons or motorola!

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    There is an app on the market for the nook color, but it worked flawlessly on my rooted Toshiba Thrive connecting to my Moto Droid2global.
    NC bluetooth tether

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    Hi Blidgediver,

    thank you so much, you made the only answer to my post out of quite 200 views, so I think it's really a difficult, and much needed issue.
    I'm waiting to receive back my TF101 from service (3d temptative to fix docking keyboard issue: weird, isnt'it?).
    So I'll try it as soon as I'll have restored it to my backed-up Prime!

    I'll keep you informed!


    Gone to the Market:

    This app is for BT/PAN Tethering: I.e. to let your android share connection provided from Phones that support PAN BT Profile.
    BT/PAN is somehow like an Ethernet/LAN over BT (not WiFi, of course...);
    BT/DUN is like a serial line over BT connecting your Android to the HSDPA Modem inside your mobile.
    BT/PAN is relatively new: no Nokia do support it, nor many old 3G phones.
    BT/DUN is born togheter with Bluetooth, and quite ANY 2G/3G phones with BTooth should implement it (iPhones and android phones do not implement it off the shelf)

    TF101 has embbedded BT PAN Client out of the box: I use it to share my iPhone connectivity.... that's why your hint couldn't help me
    Thank you anway for your suggestion.
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