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Thread: Forum Rules and Guidelines

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    Forum Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to TabletRoms

    We are a community of, by and for tablet enthusiasts. A community of people from all walks of life and backgrounds seeking and giving answers to anything related to enhancing your tablet.

    Welcome and please adhere to the following member guidelines.

    Get to know your community
    TabletRoms has numerous sections. Lurk and browse around them to get a feeling of the community first. Get to know the staff. Report posts that are inappropriate, and use the search function to find topics that may already been answered.

    Be Respectful
    This is your forum and the general conduct is to be respectful of others. Feel free to challenge others' points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. No violent, discriminatory language or personal attacks are allowed. Personal attacks are defined as personal, racial, ethnic and or gender based insults, slurs or derisive comments.
    Also, do not take it upon yourself to play Grammar king. If some one's post is literally so bad you cannot understand it, fine - ask them to rephrase or report the post. But do not take it upon yourself to criticize their grammar or language.

    Keep personal information private
    We encourage you to keep personal information personal. Do not ask for personal information from others. Forum posts that request members to submit personal information to another party will be removed. Information that should be considered personal includes but is not limited to your home phone number, name, and age. If you must give this out for any reason, please do so privately via the forums private messaging system.

    Keep your post clean
    Forum posts that contain explicit, obscene or vulgar language will be removed. Posts that solicit or offer explicit or X-rated images will be deleted without notice!

    Closed threads are closed for a reason
    If a thread has been closed, there is probably a logical reason for it. If you feel that the closure was unjustified or wish further clarification feel free to contact any member of the moderating team. However, do not start a new thread about another closed thread.

    Posting in old threads
    Please avoid posting or voting in outdated threads. It merely clutters up the message board and makes it more difficult for fellow members to sort through the vast amount of information contained on the boards. If you have new and important information to add regarding a past discussion, feel free to start a new thread and if need be, add a link to the original thread.

    Now with that out of the way, once again, Welcome.
    Now sit back, read, post and learn, but have fun doing it.

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