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Stock Tap N Tap [BL-1.2] 5274
Ok this is the "most current" Tap N Tap firmware that I know of. Version 5274 has changed quite a bit and added things to fix kernal issues, HD playback problems, etc.

As usual, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, you know the drill... If you brick it, don't blame me. I am merely the messenger. There are many options to recover a soft bricked device. Please get to know NVflash BEFORE flashing anything on your Gtab.

Roebeet states:"Cosmetically it looks unchanged. The main difference between 4950 and 5274, that I can see, is that high-def playback is finally fixed." and "The stock ROMs always had an issue with installing third-party keyboards - they need to be installed on /system/app (which means it requires root). That's always been the case with these stock ROMs versus a ROM like Brilliant Corners."

This ROM, as far as stock goes, works ten times better than any other that I have used (for stock ROMs). It plays 1080p videos without major issues.

As usual, If you want root and gapps on your stock firmwared Gtab go here. This will add Google market and SuperUser to your stock firmware.
Flashing through stock recovery: rename file to "update.zip", install into tablet at root directory of internal SD card, power down tablet, boot into recovery (power and volume+) and flash "update.zip"
Flashing with Clockwork Mod: (much easier) install downloaded file into root directory of internal sd card, shut down, reboot into recovery, select "install zip from SD card"/"choose zip from SD card" find your file and flash away.