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Thread: Anyone starting to mod their Gtab for the first time.... READ THIS.

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    Anyone starting to mod their Gtab for the first time.... READ THIS.

    I am starting this thread as a resource of invaluable information.

    Starting with this:
    Viewsonic Gtablet for Dummies
    this website is an invaluable resource for Gtab owners walkthroughs for nearly everything you can think of.

    I will leave this open and sticky here. Anyone with more information, feel free to post here.


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    NVflash basics/101 for Viewsonic Gtablet. This post is a little dated, but the process still works. I will try to post an image set for NVflashing 5274 for 1.2 BL rather than 4349.

    OP by Roebeet here...

    MANY THANKS TO REV FOR RE-WRITING THIS FOR ME, and allowing me to mirror this on Slatedroid!
    (Post was updated on 4/22/2011)


    04/22/2011 EDIT -- I've built out both 1.1-3588-based and 1.2-4349 based versions that have effectively replaced bekit's 1105 image ("") - so I am updating Rev's doc with that information. We'll be shoring up this documentation more, in the near future. I updated Rev's documentation a bit. These new images also have working clockworkmod images that you can optionally install, if you want (see the directions below for instructions).

    05/08/2011 EDIT -- the 1.2-4349 image has been updated with clockworkmod

    05/10/2011 EDIT -- Added a second 4349 image, just for HC testers. It increases the system.img to ~320MB, and reduces the cache partition. Some users might not want to do that for their Froyo devices, so I made this separate.

    05/11/2011 EDIT -- Removed the second 4349 image - HC alpha has gotten to the point now where the default image is large enough.

    06/17/2011 EDIT -- the 1.2-4349 image has been updated with clockworkmod rev5 (this corrects the nandroid backup issues on rev2)


    This post is to provide a template for using NVFlash to restore/recover your G-Tablet after suffering some kind of malfunction. Specifically, this document tries to provide ALL the information you need to use the NVFlash tool to recover the 1.1 and 1.2 based software versions, which has been found to be safe as a starting point for rebuilding your tablet after having a problem. This post does not include other methods of setting up NVFlash (such as installing the SDK, etc.) because this method is proven and can be easily supported.

    I use Ubuntu Linux and know that the Linux instructions below are correct. Others have written Windows instructions and those too have been checked carefully and have been used before successfully.

    A WARNING IN ADVANCE: NVFlash makes changes to the partition structure of your device. You should tread carefully and understand the risks.

    The NVFlash setup process begins with a visit to:

    Dropbox - nvflash_gtablet - Simplify your life

    (Note: Sometime this DropBox is cranky. If you have trouble with it, check back later.)

    Linux users: You want to get "nvflash_linux_2010110500.tar.gz"

    Windows users: You want to get ""

    These are just the OS-specific files for the actual nvflash program itself. So after retrieving the files you need above, you'd then need to retrieve either the 1.1-based or 1.2-based images, here:

    1.1-3588 based image: http://www.mediafire...mw1mmifazhmvoeh (updated 4/22/2011)

    1.2-4349 based image: (updated 6/17/2011)



    First, create a folder named "NVFlash" on your PC to put the needed files into and to work from. (Note: You can call it something else if you want to; we're just using "NVFlash" to keep all of us on the same page.)

    Next, extract the files you downloaded from the DropBox above into the "NVFlash" directory. The files with linux and windows in the middle of then are the files for setting up NVFlash. (The are taken from the SDK and do not install the whole SDK -- just a simple, operable NVFlash for us to use here.) The files with gTablet in the middle contains the .img files with the software to go on your G-Tablet.

    Third, for Windows users, you'll need to have an APX-specific USB driver for the next steps. (The Windows package bekit supplied has an .inf file in it, but the actual drivers are not there). For Linux users, you don't need an extra driver.

    One source for the Windows drivers is at

    Advent | Vega Internet tablet

    Find the "Downloads" tab in the middle of the page and click on "USB System Driver" to get the files. Extract them and go down two levels to the "USB" folder -- and move that into your "NVFlash" directory. The USB folder has the .inf file for installation in it along with two other directories with drivers for the various operating systems. (Note: These drivers, which are the same as the drivers in the SDK, are proven to work with Win 7 64-bit and have the setup include to load into other versions of Windows.) Follow this narrative for actual installation of the drivers.

    CHECKPOINT: At this point, you should have the nvflash files, .img files, and USB directory (and files) in your "NVFlash" directory and are ready to begin the recovery process.

    Now, you will need to boot into G-Tablet APX mode: hold down the power and volume - button simultaneously until your G-Tab comes up and the goes back to a black screen. The black screen means it is in APX mode and it is waiting to display the flashing process. In Linux, type "lsusb" in a terminal and you should see this "0955:7820 NVidia Corp.". 7820 means the device is in APX mode.

    Connect your G-Tablet to your PC using your miniUSB to USB cable that came with your tablet.

    Linux users: At this point, open up a command window to the folder you created, and run this script:


    This will wipe the device back to bekit's original TnT stock image, except for user data which is retained. Should take about a minute to run and the device will reboot itself automatically. If the script does not work, make sure that the shell script and nvflash binary are set as executables.

    Windows users: When you connect to the PC, the PC immediately tries to load a driver -- but since it doesn't know where the USB driver files are it will fail. Click through Start/Control Panel/Device Manager and find "APX" listed in the devices with a yellow "!" (exclamation point) on the icon. Select the APX item and find the "Update Driver" button and click it. When it asks where to search, choose the local computer manual selection choice and tell it to Browse.

    Point the Browse (and the USB install) at the "USB" directory under the "NVFlash" folder. When pointed at the "USB" directory, the driver installed and I was ready to nvflash. If you go back to Device Manager after the Windows install has completed, it will show the nVidia USB drivers near the top of the USB device list.

    Again, for Windows: Run this script which is in the "NVFlash" folder:


    This will wipe the device back to bekit's original TnT stock image except for user data, which is retained. Should take about a minute to run and the device will reboot itself automatically all the way to the main screen.

    POST NVFlash:

    When your G-Tablet has booted back to the main screen, you will have to check and make sure everything is set up. Particularly, get the wifi on and connected to the Internet. Almost immediately, you should get a notice about an OTA (over the air) update. This is the OTA Update to software version 3588. If it does, go ahead and have it do the update. From there, you can begin using your "stock 3588" G-Tablet.

    If you don't get an automatic OTA notification, you can go the to manual "Update" icon on your tablet and have it check for updates -- and hopefully it will find OTA 3588.

    Or, if neither of the above happen, you can download 3588 at the following link and install it manually:

    Note: Following is a STICKY from General Forum on the stock recovery process:

    NOTICE: There are many threads out there with tell how to do this process. Others tell individuals' problem solving experiences. A few of them may not be right! The above process is not the only way to do this -- but it is fairly straightforward and it is proven. It is recommended for anyone who does not have experience with nvflashing.

    If you borked your recovery, or just need to restore clockworkmod:

    You don't need to re-run the entire nvflash batch, to restore clockworkmod. You just need to run one command, after setting up APX mode on your device:

    For Windows users: nvflash.exe --bl bootloader.bin --download 9 clockworkmod.img

    For Linux users: ./nvflash --bl bootloader.bin --download 9 clockworkmod.img

    And then reboot into recovery - it should now work. This is a way to restore a functional recovery if you are flipping between 1.1 and 1.2 ROMs and the recovery is borked afterwards (this is becoming a common issue, lately).

    ************************************************** *

    Further references (since I'm not a Windows user): http://forum.xda-dev....0&postcount=28

    and http://forum.tegrata....bbde76184e550a and http://wiki.tegratab...php/Nvflash_FAQ

    Hope this helps!

    03/2011 update -- I've been told that this tool has been useful to erase ALL partitions, including user data. I believe you need to re-flash with the bekit 1105 above, AFTER you use this:

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