They say that the squeaky wheels get all the attention, which may be why you rarely hear about the LG V909 a.k.a the LG G-slate.

True Confessions: I went into the t-mobile store a month after selling my PQ Adam. I really was missing having a tablet, but decided to upgrade my Nexus One to an HTC Sensation 4g instead of getting a different tablet. It was the last day of the month, and they were trying to fill their sales quotas, I guess. I got many rebates on the phone, swapped out the sim card and was waiting to check out when I just "happened" to notice the LG G-slate display.... Ummm... I kept trying to remind myself that I really didn't NEED/WANT a new tablet!! I started absentmindedly toying with the G-slate and was subliminally seduced in under two minutes. As a JOKE, I asked the eager sales associate what kind of deal he could do on a "two-fer'.... Ummmmmmm.... Within five minutes of back room discussions, T-mo made me a deal I really couldn't refuse. (Still waiting for those rebate checks!)

Given that I have always adored my Google branded stock-android Nexus One, and had struggled though the early stages of the Adam's development, my first hour with the new toys was an emotional roller coaster. I started by trying to configure the T-mo branded Sense-infected Sensation phone and instantly HATED it! (I love the hardware and the 4g, but still hate the cr@ppy interface and t-mo bloatware... and am eagerly awaiting CM7). Struggling with the new phone had put me in a really foul mood, and I was almost ready to drive back to the t-mo store and return it. OK, I was in a mild RAGE by then, and slammed the beautiful Sensation aside and decided to have a quick look at the tablet.

Turning on the G-slate instantly soothed my nerves, and had me purring contentedly within minutes!! Where should I start with my gushing praise??

The 8.9" form factor is tactile and visual perfection (and with the Incipio hybrid silicone+hard shell case) it works on the desk, and especially reclining in bed. The 8.9" 1280 x 768 screen resolution ( ~168 ppi) is absolutely luscious! (My photo doesn't do it justice). I later added a NuShield DayVue screen protector and have no trouble seeing it outdoors in bright sunlight. I quickly loaded Beautiful Widgets and within minutes had the honeycomb screen set up just the way I wanted it. I give very high marks to LG for NOT screwing things up... There is NO bloatware, no intrusive LG branding, (and best of all, they kept t-mo bloatware out as well!!!) The tablet is 4g ($19/mo added to my unlimited plan) and lightening fast, but other than an annoying little sound file on boot up, you'd never know it was a T-mo device.) The wifi is tenacious and works even in low signal areas of my home network. The g-slate version of android is as clean as my Nexus One phone's was... which is exactly what I want. (The mid-July honeycomb 3.0.1 update had already been done, and I'm waiting patiently for the next HC 3.1 OTA update) The pure google apps are even better than I expected (better than the W7 desktop in some cases... like drag n drop in gMail, smooth connection to Dolphin HD from gReader, excellent two-column and auto-rotate in gBooks, etc. gMaps, gNav and SkyMap are brilliant!) It has a 3-D camera and player, the sound from the stereo speakers is clean and loud enough... and best of all... the sleep mode drains less than 3% of the battery overnight! Using it all day long has yet to drag the hefty battery down below 50% (ok it IS a bit on the HEAVY side... but feels solid, doesn't flex and would probably handle several days worth of prolonged power outage, even checking radar and news apps regularly.) Did I forget to mention that screen is GORGEOUS?

The LG V909 G-slate caught my eye back when it was first announced earlier this year, but the initial price was ridiculously high. Now, with the huge discounts, and aggressive deal-making, it is a real bargain!! I suspect that it has slipped under the geek and media radar because there is absolutely nothing to tweak or complain about! A few of my favorite apps do require root, but given that everything "just works", I haven't even been tempted!

Ever the sucker for aesthetics... the toys all nest rather nicely too (especially in their matching black silicone cases)... and slide into a single neoprene sleeve.
LG g-slate V909.jpggadgets nested.jpg

[To be brutally honest, since using the G-slate for a few weeks now, I've been feeling really guilty that I sold the Adam for more than I ended up paying for the heavily discounted G-slate. Just glad that I didn't see the G-slate before they went on sale.]