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Thread: [ROM] Perf Tweaked Rom Build 1

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    [ROM] Perf Tweaked Rom Build 1

    ORIGINAL: [ROM] Perf Tweaked Rom Build 1
    by StephenH Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:58 pm


    UPDATE: 10/03/2011:
    time for another update

    reverted vold change as it screws up things
    added some more perf tweaks,
    added data2ext script from gtab forum on xda, seems to work nicely, can hit quadrant scores of ~3200 now

    flash you will need to install yourself at moment, i forgot to readd it link for flash : ... stcount=26

    download link:

    enjoy folks and if anyone wants to do another video feel free.


    UPDATE: 17/02/2011:
    ok have tweaked a bit more and made a few more changes.

    new vold added with ntfs mount support (see below for some issues known with this)
    flash player added and should auto install
    fixed market and facebook
    fixed superuser ability
    added estrongs file manger for root use
    tweaked the ril scripts to be easier to use.
    added modified nvrm_daemon to increase 2d framerate

    download link:

    *note for VOLD, this now mounts ntfs drives read only, but it has slightly screwed up the mounts, if you power up device with no microsd plugged in it will mount the internal storage and allow access to is via usb, if you plug in a microsd or boot with one in it will mount both internal and external sds but share the external over usb, it quite happily detects and mounts my 1tb usb hdd which is ntfs formatted though now.

    ril tweaks: now all you need to do is create a empty file on your memory card called riloff.txt then reboot and script should do the rest to reenable rename the file rilon.txt and reboot

    enjoy folks and if anyone wants to do another video feel free.


    ok folks im hoping people can test this for me,

    just built a new build (my first for the adam) based on the newest official 2.2 build but with some interesting tweaks

    NOTE: i am a dev working for NI especially on honeycomb soon, but these roms are my own.

    New Kernel with NTFS support, android does not mount this by default but you can mount it via adb read only. (kernel has rw support but i couldnt get it to mount a ext drive rw)
    Kernel has few other tweaks and changes and doesn seem to die when sleeping either now
    performance tweaks (minor ones) made to the os itself
    full google apps added (untested )
    ability to disable ril/phone features to conserve battery (see below for info)
    adhoc wifi courtesy of the update posted on this site previously
    disabled some of the logspam that was enabled but isnt needed
    boot.img is first stage prepped for honeycomb

    install instructions
    download the file linked below and copy to either sd or your adams internal memory and flash as normal


    RIL Disabling Information
    ok this is a creative feature. all adams be them 3g or wifi only versions keep thje phone related applications and services running in the background and on the wifi only adams this causes a higher battery drain due to system constantly trying to connect to a network, i have implemented a way to disable this by setting a simple property in the system

    to do this you need to edit the /system/build.prop file and change the mentioned line to 1 instead of 0 then reboot

    if that doesn work then try the below route
    open a terminal and run the following command then reboot

    setprop 1

    If you would like to be notified when a new rom is released, please join us on twitter!
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    can someone please upload this rom again I have searched to no avail. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    can someone please upload this rom again I have searched to no avail. Thanks
    I still have it mirrored, I posted the links on the old Notion ink Hacks forum, but you can get them from my website now:

    My post is live now, and I will be making a thread in Adam Rom Development announcing it there as well
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