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Thread: CyanogenMod7 w/ OC Kernel not booting

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    CyanogenMod7 w/ OC Kernel not booting

    This is my first posting here so a definite shout-out to Dexter & all the other devs working on the A7.

    I got my first A7 the other day, flashed w/ CM7 & the OC Kernel - no issues w/ that. Loving the tablet for the sub-$200 they are now and with CM7 mod it's definitely functional for my purposes (basically web browsing & xbmc remote). Grabbed another today & did the same simple update process following the handful of steps needed (rec mode -> wipe -> cm7 update -> boots CM7 -> shutdown -> update sd card w/ OC kernel -> rec mod -> just update -> enjoy). Updates to CM7 and functions fine but once I applied the OC kernel it just hangs on "device power on". Once or twice it'll get past that but only to the black screen before android appears. Copy the original boot.img from the CM7 zip to the OC kernel & just use in recovery mode - works again. Redownload the OC kernel several times & repeated the process - it's definitely the oc boot.img.

    Using some method to unpack, edit & repack the oc boot.img to either lower the default clock speeds since it's probably a command line arg somewhere just this cpu can't take the "default oc" at start-up/overall - would this be possible? Other reasons would be slight differences in the partition order/layout or possibly even a hardware revision change for random part? A few other A7 owners mentioned OC Kernel boot issues but they weren't specific (or were like ahh....) when they were asked if they followed the damn simple steps it takes to update one of these A7s nor did they say they just updated w/ the org boot.img from CM7 zip overwritting the OC kernel boot.img in the 3963KB file.

    I do OC EVERY desktop machine in my house & have been using linux for years. Even have 5+ yrs w/ the infamous NSLU2 (ARM based baby ). However this is my first android anything w/ less than a week of ownership so I'm very much a novice. I am going to be trying to edit the OC boot.img to hopefully get my 2nd A7 to boot w/ it and will promptly post my fix. If anyone w/ more knowledge on this can like "wizard it in less than an hour" - please post. Also to everyone that is having this issue - hopefully it'll be resolved soon than later (later as in these are too out-dated).
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    Hmmm, i remember Rombold and a couple of people having problems booting it up after the update, but never got it solve do too people never really explaining what happened. A Logcat thru adb may show the problem.

    Some pmed me but nothing seen to work. My A7 has been running the Kernel since it has been posted with no problem. Im not help as im not a dev but i do have some common knowledge of android.

    If you need any help testing anything, im always here floating around look to help.
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