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Thread: Thanks a lot guys and a few simple questions

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    Thanks a lot guys and a few simple questions

    I just bought a refurbished elocity A7 from Microcenter for $130 -- mainly because of the price/features and then put on the 1.41 mod and 1.42 patch from Dexter to access the real Android market. This is great, and I think in all honesty, so much work shouldn't go without a reward, each one of us should donate to Dexter Picard's hard work here. '

    I have a few simple questions here - prefered to open a new thread than add to the 15 page long one.

    1) Is 1.42 mod the last stable one with ALL features working? If so, why would anyone go for CyanogenMod7RC1 or higher? -- is it only to get Netflix etc (which I don't care too much on a tablet) or any real improvements in functionality? Does it lose BT or other features?

    2) As of 1.42 mod, it is still Android Froyo 2.2 I believe. Some features like Yahoo games and Prophet stock charts don't load because of Java problems. Is there a higher release mod that can resolve these issues? what would be the downside - like loss of performance etc?

    3) Is the normal SD card useful for storing apps and data? I realized that it wasn't useful for flashing the mods - I had to get an SDHC card.

    4) Is this device supposed to normally connect to PC for exchanging information? Other than through the SD card? How does it connect to PC - it seems to have a USB port like PC - and I've not seen anything like a male-to-male USB regular cable ever - pardon my ignorance in asking this question.


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    1. Correct 1.41 Plus 1.42 patch is the Last Stable ROM for our device. Im on the CM build because its a Gingerbread Build but mainly Because it has Cm tweaks(Tablet Tweaks) and u can add themes and such, and Full ADW Launcher. Netflix works also on Dextors Mod 1.41/1.42 as well as CM7. Yes You will lose BT on the CM7 and A7Comb Build.

    2. Yes Dexters Mod 1.41/1.42 in Android Froyo 2.2. As for those apps, im not sure as i have never used them on my tablet. As of right now this is the highest release I beleive.

    3. A Normal SD card can still be used on the device as far as storage, but if you need to Flash something SDHC is what you are gonna have to use

    4. I Have never used the USB port as a means of exchanging info to the CPU. If i had a Male to male USB i would us it for ADB commands if needed. Other then that, i use the USD port transferring files using a USB Flash Stick.

    Hope that Answered your Questions

    Here is a Few Picks of My Set Up On The CM7 Build:

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