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    Dell Streak 7

    Dell Streak 7
    The Dell Streak 7 is my Android tablet I have own. The first being a Sylvania tablet, which is just a knock-off from China, which was a huge time and money waste. My new tablet, which was a huge upgrade in both performance and style. I had gotten a $100 off coupon for tablets at Staples, and they had just marked the Dell Streak 7 down in price, so I had only paid $200+taxes

    The DS7 ha a rubberized backing which is texturized to provide a mostly good feel and grip to it. There is a front facing camera and a rear facing camera, two audio speakers, a PDMI connector for data and power charging, a 3.5mm audio jack, a slot for a full sized SD card and if you have the 4G version, a slot for the SIM card. On top is the Volume UP and DOWN button with the power button right next to them.

    The DS7 is powered by a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor with 512mb of RAM and 16GB of internal data space. I have never run out of space for apps, videos, MP3's, and anything else I desired to carry on this tablet.
    The Tegra 2 is a great processor, and in my opinion, the model for what a tablet should be carrying. I have yet to see a game that it does not support and fly through. No game is too tough, nor any app too big for it to handle.
    A capacitive screen with Corning's Gorilla Glass tops the 7 inch screen off, I've given several demonstrations to people about the amazing Gorilla Glass, including stabbing ball point pens onto it, repeatedly. I've punched the glass multiple times and even have let my two year old play with it without fear.

    I've have used three different OS versions on the DS7. The first was when I bought the device and was using Dell's stock UI on Android 2.2, I wasn't too much of a fan of it and it seemed to make it operate a bit slow, or at least slower than I expected it to be. My first goal was to upgrade the OS and I discovered DJ_Steve's 1.3 GPU accelerated Android 2.2 and it was an amazing improvement in performance, and I was quite content with it for a long time. I next upgraded it to DJ_Steve's Honeycomb builds and those too were an amazing improvement but quite a few of my apps had force-closes on them and so I decided to go back to the 1.3GPU version until DJ_Steve had released his R7 build of Honeycomb with a custom kernel and that has been what I have used since it was released

    I have my overclocked with SetCPU with a profile of 216mhz-1504mhz, on demand, with a few profiles set up to manage battery life if it falls below a certain amount and for when the screen is turned off.
    Quadrant scores: 2800-3300

    Battery life:
    Active use playing 3D games: 4 hours
    Active use playing 2D games: 8 hours
    Wi-Fi internet usage: 8 hours
    Watching DVD quality video: 1 hour of video and still had 79% battery life
    Standby(No usage): 3-4 days using the profile's I had setup in SetCPU

    The Good:
    • Great performance

    • Great price

    The Bad:
    • Battery life unless you put a custom ROM on it

    • Lack of development community, besides DJ_Steve, he is the only developer (something I am trying to fix)
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    I have been looking for a 5-7 inch tablet, dells sounds pretty good thanks

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