Advent Vega, POV Mobii


- Dual core Cortex A9 1GHz
- Nvidia Tegra 250 chipset
- 512 MB DDR2 RAM + 512 MB NAND opslag
- 10.1" capacitief, 1024x600 touch screen
- Wifi 802.11 b/g
- Bluetooth 2.1
- USB 2.0
- HDMI out
- 2x 1 watt speakers
- 1.3 Megapixel front-facing camera
- 3300 mAh accu
- 730 gram
- Android 2.2

Included in the box:

- Tablet
- Instruction manual
- Power adapter
- Usb cable

The Build quality

The build quality is the best there is, but what will you expect for that kind of money. The Tablet sometimes makes a cracking noise. After having tighten the screws on the back most of the noise is gone (and I had to open it anyway to repair the speaker)

The Screen
The colors and the depth of the screen are fine one condition you have to look straight at the screen. The viewing angle is pretty poor and watching youtube, or a movie with to persons is a challenge. But I bought the table for me and me only so the viewing angle doesnít bother me personally.

The touch sensitivity overall isnít that great especially in the corners there is some room for improvement. I only use roms with the normal dpi, on some of the forums there is some speculation that the sensitivity improves with higher dpi roms.

The Webcam

The frontfacing webcam quality isnít that great, but I just used it to take some test pictures. Maybe the setting was wrong to take a good picture. I donít use skype.

The Speakers
The speakers are good enough for a tablet, donít expect them to replace you stereo or phone AND DONĒT PUT THEM ON THE FULL VOLUME !!!. I already had to repair them once because I had the volume to high and recently I broke one again after playing on a piano app.

The ports
Coming from an Adam, there are some ports missing. But I prefer the Vega design over the Adam. So that was my price to pay. I use the USB to flash my roms, and tested it with a usb stick. This all works fine. As someone has borrowed my HDMI cable for a longer period of time I couldnít test this. The micro-SD port is working fine and it supports my 16GB card just fine.

WIFI works out of the box, I had some problems with channel 13 on some customs roms. But with the original software all channels works great. As a matter of facts the wifi is more stable than the one on my iphone 4 (ios 4, with ios 5 the problem is solved), it takes some time after waking up the tablet but thatís not a big problem

Bluetooth recognizes my phone, but ia cannot transfer anything. It could be me or my phone Iím not really sure.

My POV Mobii is prepared to accept a 3G card but itís not included, it costs about 50 dollars on ebay. Once I win the 500 dollar for this review I will order one :P For now I cannot give a opinion about it.

The Battery
The battery quality is good, if itís not butchered to much (games, flash etc etc) it will hold for about a day, I also got a cheap china tablet that one will less only for about two hours.

Overall itís a great tablet for a good price, out of the box the software isnít that great, but when you apply a custom rom like vegacomb you got a tablet who can compare itself with the latest released tablets. Hardware wise donít expect an solid tablet like an ipad. You get what you pay for. Iím happier with my Mobii than I was with my Adam. (sorry Rohan, maybe the second version)