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Thread: [Boot Images] DaleNet HMJ37.31.5.0011 Boot Images

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    Cool [Boot Images] DaleNet HMJ37.31.5.0011 Boot Images

    DaleNet HMJ37.31.5.0011 Boot Images

    These files are the boot images for the DaleNet HMJ37.31.5.0011 ROMs. To install one of the boot images, do the following:
    1. Reboot into ClockWorkMod recovery.
    2. Copy the zip file to your sd card (DO NOT UNZIP THE FILE).
    4. Select EXTERNAL.
    5. Select YES.
    Once you have this loaded, reboot your system.

    DOWNLOADS - (MD5 Checksum Value: 03d10753816a6f1a3a1c1f41295fb1db) (MD5 Checksum Value: 981d8eac544e3216aaae01140e65524f) (MD5 Checksum Value: 6243793375a4103257962387b7eac647)

    - Thanks -
    All those that have tested for me.
    All those that have donated to me.
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