ok so i first started by flashing the wrong gapps script..(i assume cuz i had all the errors it looked like)

So i used the adb script here to push the new framework-res onto the tablet and all seemed ok

It still does the same thing except now the storage works...Icons are on the screen but says app is not installed on phone.

Even when connecting to wifi and downloading something the apk will install and run but when the tab is rebooted it all goes back to the way it was before seems like nothing saves at all when its re booted...

I try doing factory resets as well but it reboots and then seems like it boots into recovery instead of doing a restore (Little android guy with a red triangle!)

Livesuit constantly gives me 0x162 errors with even when i try all usb ports and such..And phoenixprousb i have the img but what and where are .key files ? (couldnt find any tuts on this program)

the tablet boots fine i just cant do a thing with it...i cant get it to save appes...Storage still seems semi bugged or something ...Can any1 help me out here ? ive searched the 0x162 thread and other things but i just cant seem to find anything...

IS there a way to make a bootable sd card or something with the img ?