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Thread: Visual Land Connect Hard Reset Assistance

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    Visual Land Connect Hard Reset Assistance

    I got a Visual Land Connect with Android 4 from a few months back and have been having a blast with it.

    Now, however, I have installed so many things that it is starting to feel sluggish, so I would like to perform a hard reset and this time only install the things I've come to like and actually use, while leaving out the other junk I have installed since I got it.

    The FAQ at the Visual Land site says that to perform a hard reset, I should power off the unit, then hold the power and menu keys simultaneously for about 8-10 seconds to bring up the menu that will have that option available. I have tried this multiple times and am having no luck.

    The PDF manual that I downloaded from the Visual Land site says on pages 32 and 33 that I can perform a factory reset that will erase all user data and installed apps, which if I understand correctly *should* be what I want. However, when I performed this operation as instructed, it did seem to delete much of this info, but not all of it.

    I would appreciate any assistance anyone might offer in resolving this issue. Am I overlooking something? Am I misunderstanding the instructions? Might I have a faulty unit?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance that anyone can offer.

    I'm an idiot--my apologies! It was a case of user error, which I discovered about 5 minutes after posting.

    To save others from a similar situation, here's what I did to fix it.

    I once again followed the steps on pages 32 and 33 of the PDF version of the users manual. However, this time I noticed a small check box at the bottom of the screen that specified clearing downloads, photos, music, etc. I selected this, and proceeded. This time things turned out as intended.

    My apologies for the waste of bandwidth.
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    No need to apologize. Thank you for the posted fix: I am sure many will find exactly what they need.
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