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Thread: Staff introductions

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    Staff introductions

    This thread has been created to allow the instructors and moderators introduce themselves.

    I'll start.

    Position: Moderator

    My name is Randy Pinneta. I am a Firefighter/Paramedic for a small fire department in Virginia. I started deving/hacking about 8 years ago starting with PocketPC. I moved on to Windows Mobile with the Omnia I910. I moved in to the Android world with my purchase of an OG Droid. I took a break from any public work for about a year at this time though I kept all of my devices rooted and current with the newest OS versions. I picked up hacking again with my purchase of the Pandigital Novel. I moved on to the Notion Ink Adam when I took over the EdenX project from Roebeet (that's when I became an elite member). I also do some stuff with the Acer A500.

    I am currently in the process of teaching myself Java so that I can write a couple of Apps that have been on my mind for a couple of years. I also hope to learn a bunch of new things here is this new forum.
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    In fire and EMS? Check the Play Store for my current apps Code Log and Pumper calc.

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    ill jump in ere too.

    Position: Instructor/Elite Team member

    im stephen H otherwise known as DJ_Steve. quite well known for my work with the dell streak devices and the adam to a degree.
    been working with android porting and modding since the old windows mobile days where i worked on porting android to some htc winmo devices. got plenty of experiance in the main android systems but my graphics and app dev skills are near useless
    Devices: 2 x Dell Streak(O2), Dell Streak 7(WiFi+4G Thanks to hellzya), Nokia N900(T-Mobile Contract)| Notion Ink Adam (x 2 - one with nuked touchscreen) | HTC Wildfire | Nexus One
    Developing Android/Cyanogenmod for Streak/Streak 7 - Please feel free to Donate : GBP Donate | USD Donate
    Developing Officially For Notion Ink Adam (Honeycomb + froyo tweaks) - Please feel free to Donate: GBP Donate | USD Donate

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