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ICS ALPHA #2 newer and matier

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by , 01-08-2012 at 10:29 AM (72420 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by fards View Post
here's the second alpha of my ICS build..
I've built it off the latest Adam device tree, its also now built of AOSP master, so currently sitting at 4.0.3

Which is very nice build, I've included latest Gapps (7.1) and cleaned up some bits.

Its still not perfect but if you follow some simple instructions (I've even done a video to demonstrate the instructions) then its very very stable.

***I find it stable, I can't guarantee that its stable for you, as I don't live inside *YOUR* hannspad..

this is aimed at 1653, I DON'T recommend flashing it on 1633 as I can't say whether it will work or not.. if *YOU* Decide to flash it on 1633 then that's your decision.. Sorry I only have a 1653, so thats all I can test it on..
if you want to use it on 1633 then I think you should use the 1653 partitions, but again I don't have a 1633 so can't tell.

Either way I recommend flashing the latest stock Hannspree tapntap first (FROM STOCK RECOVERY) to a) clear out any nasty nand errors b) to get the latest bootloader..
then flash CWM (I supplied a CWM 5 which works) then this..
Then factory reset.

This has no SOD if you set keep wifi on during sleep to never (under advanced menu) See video if you're confused (turn notification of open networks off as well)..
best done during google set up.
if YOU get sod, then its an issue with either your hardware, or the way you are using your tablet..

There is NO startup wizard.
start the login by starting market or gmail, it will start wifi for you (Do the above for advanced wifi menu now) and follow it through

when market has started and you've pressed accept, go to its menu/settings and de-select auto-add widgets, otherwise they will try to stick them under teh search bar.. and TBH they look crap cluttering up the homescreen..

some annoyances now tweaked out !

What works..

Nearly everything..
Including BT (With additional kernels see below)

some minor niggles.

What doesn't work

Audio.. not quite so easy to get right.

Usb mass storage.. mtp is default now, and I can't get it playing properly.

If you have a built in app (such as Talk) that errors... start APP Drawer, select and drag the icon of the offending app to the top of the screen a little (i) then on the management screen press disable app (this is ICS its advanced OS)

video and link coming soon..

PLEASE DO NOT BITCH AND WHINE ABOUT "BUGS" read the title this is ALPHA... frankly I don't care if it caused you to have spontaneous badgers, or that the calendar says its time to dance naked with a can of baked beans up your arse... its ALPHA...

Bitte benutzen Sie diesen forumsthread nicht um unwichtige bzw. dumme Fehler zu melden, es ist eine Alpha Version, und wenn ich Fehler berichte brauche dann werde ich auch danach fragen!

having said that (and as long as you can accept it has some issues) I Love this build now..

please don't share repost the links, I want to keep everything in one thread please..

this fixes BT enables 32bpp screen with no dithering, and fixes some other bits, should be smoother..

Tweaked quite a lot, should be a bit smoother again.. BT now starts instantly
ignore the other update and use this (bt module in should be in correct place as well)

yet another 2am build..
Pic to demonstrate BT Working..

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