Tablets were created to fill a gap on market between very small smartphones and bigger laptops. Thatís why they are starting to push out netbooks from market. Furthermore comparing tablets to netboos they have mainly better screen resolution and better performance. They are good at surfing the Internet and great at mobility with easy to use interface with intuitive control by touch. But why donít use them to view documents, edit existing and even creating new? I had many moments when I need fast create or edit some document and I had only tablet with me. What is the best that I can connect my Android tablet by USB to any computer as mass storage. This means that I can anywhere print my work.
Currently on Android there are a few office suits:
  • Polaris Office
  • Google Documents
  • QuickOffice
  • Documents To Go
  • and probably more.

At start I crossed out Google Documents from list because of its really different approach to topic of office suit (it works only on-line and isnít ready for tablets, it is good only at looking at on-line documents). I chose Polaris Office, because mainly it is available for free at Asus Transformer, which is preferred tablet for such work, because of keyboard dock. Unfortunately it isnít available at standard Android Market, that means that this software is limited to only one hardware producer.
On which fields can I use it? It has word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and PDF reader. For read only mode Polaris Office supports all Microsoft formats old .DOC and new .DOCX. You can made changes in any file format, but unfortunately you can save files only in older pre-Microsoft Office 2007 formats.
Polaris Office is prepared to use on Asus Transformer, so many standard Windows shortcuts works like Ctrl+C to copy text and Ctrl+V to paste. What a shame that selecting text by Shift+Arrors donít work. Maybe in some future update they will add this.

Word processor
Polaris Office can load to word processor not only simple files but also very complex Microsoft Office Word documents in both formats .doc and .docx. Toolbar is easy in use and touch. Elements are big enough for my not so small fingers, but like for me they could be a little smaller. Toolbar contains all important tools and styles. Only problem is creating something more complex then plain document.

What can I say about it? It is almost like normal spreadsheet on normal computer. It donít have problems with reading Microsoft Office Excel files. There are no problems with writing formulas and they look exactly the same like in Microsoft Office Excel. User interface is intuitive. And finally there is no problem with creating new charts or modifying existing ones.

Is the last important module of Polaris Office. Like before it donít have problems with Microsoft Office PowerPoint format. You can easily modify them if you spot error or create new presentation in hurry. Application can launch presentation and combining it with HDMI port (or VGA adapter) in Asus Transformer make it great presentation tool.

  • free
  • donít have problems with Microsoft Office formats
  • great tool
  • Intuitive interface
  • build-in PDF reader

  • available only on Asus Transformer
  • sometimes have some strange behavior.