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    Titanium Backup

    Titanium Backup seems to be an app that people either love, or hate. Before we get into it's workings, let's quickly go over why. Some users believe that restoring apps & data after flashing a new rom causes problems, and at the most, you should only restore apps without data. Many others swear by restoring both. Like most things android, it's rare that everyone will have the same experience, even with identical hardware using identical operating systems. So use your own judgement when restoring using this app.
    First of all, know that you need root access for this app to work. As the name states, the primary function of this app is to record a backup of your apps and system data, which can later be restored should things go wrong, or after flashing a rom which requires data to be wiped. You can set up a schedule to perform the functions automatically. The common selection is to batch backup all user apps and system data, for time periods when you know you usually have the device turned on. The free version allows only one weekly scheduled event, while the Pro, paid version gives you an unlimited amount of schedules. As well as selecting when to perform backups, you can also specify where the backup files created will stored.
    As well as backing up apps, you have several other options. Freezing an app does exactly what it sounds like, stopping an app from running and using system resources. This comes in handy when you have certain unnecessary system apps that run in the background, consuming precious memory and CPU cycles. Just freeze the app, and it's like it was never there. You can always unfreeze later, if you want. Apps may also be uninstalled from within Titanium Backup. Moving apps to and from SD card is also supported.
    With the Pro version, you get some worthwhile additions. First off, it allows use of the Hypershell, which greatly increases the speed of batch operations. The addition of a Dropbox option is also included, allowing you to store or retrieve your backup files linked to a Dropbox account. Select "Clean up the Dalvik Cache" option to free up internal memory. When performing a batch backup, the free version will stop a running app that it is backing up, then leave it stopped. The pro version will pause the app, complete the backup, and then resume it. If you have ClockWorkMod 5, you can restore individual apps and data directly from CWM backups.
    Titanium Backup has been, for me, the easiest way to restore my devices to where I want them to be after having to do a wipe to install a fresh rom. Simply go to the market, install the free version first, then the paid key. Open the program, and in a short time you'll have all your apps and data back as it was before. One word of caution-when moving between different operating systems-say from a Froyo or Gingerbread rom to a Honeycomb one-don't do a batch restore. There will be several apps, especially system ones, that are totally incompatible, and will cause either forcecloses or even crashes. You can do a batch select where you pick out which apps to restore, and which ones not to. If unsure, best not to restore an app which may cause trouble. There are many other minor options available for this great program, which is one of the few I was happy to pay for, and I believe you would find it useful also.
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    This is a key component of my ROM development and multiple flashing!

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    Another great thing about Pro version is the automatic scheduling. I no longer have to worry about lost application data since it's automatically backed up. All the options for batch backups/restores/etc do confuse me though, there's just too many.
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    I think im gonna use this application. Very handy

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    I needed TB several times, it was the best investment in an app so far. I always restored applications and data. Never had a problem with this.

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