Apple arch-rival Samsung includes a 16-megapixel camera in its Galaxy S5 phone. the most camera on the most recent upgrades to the unlockiphone line still has simply eight megapixels. nevertheless the pictures from each the iPhone vi and vi and square measure the simplest Iíve tested on a phone thus far. (Read my full review of the new phones here.)

Whatís thus special? The iPhone vi boasts AN improved detector and a spotlight technology referred to as phase-detection, each of that shine in dark or fast-moving things. On the iPhone vi and, Apple conjointly enclosed optical image stabilization to the lens, to assist accommodate for shaky hands, significantly in low lightweight once shutter speeds square measure slower.

You can choose for yourself. Here square measure some shots I took in several eventualities with the unlockiphone, 6, 6 Plus, and Galaxy S5. (Click on them for a bigger read.)

First up, San Franciscoís Palace of Fine arts at nighttime. Note the noise and detail at the highest of the building.