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Thread: Newer DragonTouch 9.7 ROM

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    Even with the MID970IPS there were more than one tablet in that model number, they make changes without changing the model. If you really need new firmware you will probably have to start finding other tablets with similar specs, but if the tablet is working now, I wouldn't risk it.
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    Unfortunately, the tablet does not work. So I will disassemble it and look for the proper firmware.
    Thanks, Rabid1!

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    Hello, again!
    Here is the entrails of my tablet:
    So the motherboard is inet-3ftd-rev01.

    I can flash firmware from Wintouch Q91.
    The tablet is up. I see blocked desktop. But touch is not working.
    Still asking good advice... What else firmware can I flash to this tab.
    Touch model is WJ-DR97010
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdub74 View Post

    Linked below is an improved but basically stock image for the MID9716W which apparently is a newer version of the MID970IPS. It's based on Rabid1's DragonTouch_MID970IPS_4.0.4.img

    I ordered the MID970IPS from Tablet Express (Amazon). Out of the box it was dissapointing. I decided to try one of Rabid1's custom ROMs. What I didnt' realize at first was that while I ordered the MID970IPS, the model I recieved was MID9716W. The specs are identical and the device looks exactly the same except for an updated Dragon Touch logo and the model number.
    I tried flashing both the ROMs he created. The procedure worked but my tablet displayed nothing but a black screen. Thankfully Rabid1 advised me and provided the dump tool to pull the four files neccessary to build a ROM from my stock firmware before flashing any ROMs. Had I not done that I'd be up a creek. Even so it took two weeks of trial and error to create a working image. With his help I was able to build a new ROM using the A10 Kitchen. Rabid1 unpacked my original bootloader.img for me. Finally I was able to create a working ROM that runs smoother than the original but looks the same. My only remaining complaint with this tablet is weak wireless reception. You have to be very close to a router. Otherwise this is a nice tablet for the money. The only other thing I did was to remove the preinstalled Youtube app since it's the Chinese version and wouldn't accept updates. Just use a root app remover to get rid of it and download Youtube from the play store and you're good to go. I got a private message from another forum user who was in the same situation with the new model. I gave them my ROM and got a report back that it worked and is better than the stock firmware.

    For anyone who cares, here are the steps I took:
    Extracted a new clean A10 Kitchen.
    Copied the original four dump files renamed to their proper .fex names into the A10Kitchen\_input folder.
    Copied Rabid1's DragonTouch_MID970IPS_4.0.4.img into the kitchen and renamed it to original.img.
    Deleted the existing files from the A10Kitchen\_bootfs folder.
    Copied the unpacked bootloader files from my original bootloader.img into that folder.
    Ran extract_image.bat then create_image.bat
    Flashed the new output.img with Livesuit v1.09
    Success at last! Big thanks to Rabid1 for all the help.

    Finally, here is the link to download the new MID9716W improved stock image.

    All the usual disclaimers are implied. I accept no responsibility...blah, blah, blah. Use at your own risk.

    Hello! I know that there's been a long time since this was posted, but I really need this Rom and I can't find it. So, could you post again the Rom, please? I woud be very gratefull!
    Thank you!

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