I have one of the Dragon Touch AllWinner A10 9.7. I have always been frustrated by the lack of any firmware including bug fix updates from Tablets Express.

Last week one of mine died. it would not power on, just click through the speaker. I decided to try and build a rom. I pulled the recovery, boot, bootloader, and system from my working one then used the Polaroid 10 as a base, and the A10 Kitchen V2. It flashed without error, but the same results just clicking. I opened it up and found one of the positive wires for the speakers had come loose and was grounding on the main board. I cold soldered it back into place. When I tried to start the tablet it would connect to my PC but nothing happened.

I checked device manager and it was connected in fel mode as VID-if3a-PID-efe8. So I fired up Livesuit and flashed the image again. Presto working Dragon Touch.

So I am just looking to see if there are enough people interested to pursue this as a full custom ROM with tweaks etc...

If nothing else if someone has a borked unit they could try the image to fix it. If I get enough response I will post a link.