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Thread: SPB Shell 3d for Tablet review

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    SPB Shell 3d for Tablet review

    I'm trying out SPB Shell 3d 1.2.3 and I must say it is awesome. Eye candy galore and visually better than Honeycomb as your camera works using the Froyo build. It seemed unstable at first but after deleting the "Flicker daily Image" panel from the carousel it became stable with no SPB Shell loading loops.

    Update with More detail:
    ~ stereoscopic mode works great (with old red/blue glasses), carousel feature I just can't get enough of, calender is cool as a widget as it shows 3 months , world time "pop out world" is cool (especially with stereoscopic mode), picture viewer widget is great as it allows you to select any folder to display pics, when in carousel mode and left for a few seconds it goes into demo mode and cycles through the different panels showing each feature with a pop out display...that part impressed me the most as it is instant wow factor for onlookers. In all honesty I know it is just a launcher but it is the first thing you see when you turn on your adam and you feel like you just got a brand new top of the line tablet. A well worth try to give the adam a new look and the owner some satisfaction that there is more to use than just ICS and Honeycomb.

    Now with the screen protector off and a new UI I am super happy with Adam.
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    Can you provide more details please

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    Hmm. Not much of a review. Plan to add more to it?

    Anyways, I agree. Your mention made me load it up and it does a very nice job. Might have to play with this for awhile on the Adam.
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    thx, might try that out, all my concern is whether this drain my Adam's very-limited-battery more...

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    Thought i would just put up what ive got working running on mine.
    v1.5.1 from - spb15.rar
    After install but before first run, using Terminal emulator command:

    pm disable com.spb.shell3d/

    For some reason 1.5.2 wont load

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