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Thread: Rambling thoughts

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    Rambling thoughts

    Wondering if we are actually going to see any ROM enhancements or new ROMs.
    No one seems to be around these days.

    Just wondering if the contributors have all sold their Adams and moved on to newer hardware.

    Not a peep from NI as well. All the promises of re-starting the weekly blogs and ensuring that the Adam never goes down seem to have been an eyewash after all.

    In India, in the last week we have had 3 launches of 7 inch tablets starting at Rs 9000 - 13000 (roughly USD 195 - 280) which I am sure will lead to an explosion of tablets all around.

    Wondering why we cant have one version of a standard ROM with installable drivers for the different components like Camera, FM receiver (as available but not activated in Adam :-) ) etc

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    I'm a bit worried about the sudden silence around NI.

    mind you, i've got a Entourage eDGe. Great device, but the company wasn't able to promote it good enough to stay above water. Sad story, no updates, company gone. A device without any future.
    at the same time, I bought the IREX DR800SG. Great device, but the company wasn't able to promote it good enough to stay above water. Sad story, no updates, company gone. A device without any future.
    both are now depending on the work of fans, people who like there device and are willing to spend time to write updates. Unfortunately, I can't do that yet, but I wanna learn writing ROM's... will take a while, though..

    What i want to say, is that I do hope NI is able to stay alive and to publish more ROM's. I do hope history won't repeat itself with NI. that would give me another device without a future.

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    franky ... you seem to be a bit of a jinx (no offense!) ... I think we are all with you in hoping NI can keep it going.
    I saw from another thread that DJ-Steve and Rayman are working on the Touchpad port (franky ... you didn't get one of those too ??) ... so might be a bit quiet from them for a while

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    Biggest thing that's holding many things back is the kernel. It has to be hand built. Rayman is working on that when he gets a chance, i'm sure its tedious and frustrating work. All we can do right now is wait. Good news is Ice Cream Sandwhcih is around the corner!
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    I am planning to work on another froyo port and fully working CM7. Hope this will suite people needs until rayman manage to finish his work.
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    I agree, with Ice Cream around the corner, things should be better. Here's hopping.


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