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Thread: Headphone plug short

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    Headphone plug short

    I just recently have had some problems with my headphone input. I thought my headphones were shorting out, so I tried a different pair and same problem. So the problem is the adam's headphone port has a short. Only partial sound plays through the headphones, unless I push and hold the headphone cord forward or back, not in and out.

    I am guessing that to repair this short, I will need to open the adam up and replace something or tighten something....
    I haven't opened up a sealed electronic item. I've replaced my desktops video card and added ram to it but that's about it.

    Luckily I have a pair of bluetooth headphones, so its not an urgent problem, but sometimes I forget my bluetooth headphones or the battery dies on them, so it would be nice to be able to use the headphone port.

    Is this something that could be easily and cheaply fixed if I took to a computer repair shop? I am sure I could find one in tokyo (I live in Japan).

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Look at this Video,Notion Link repair Part I&II
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    I would suggest first trying to thoroughly clean the inside of the headphone socket (and the plugs) using a pipe-cleaner or very thin cotton bud dipped in isopropyl alcohol or surgical spirit. That can sometimes remove a thin film of grease and dust which is enough to cause connection problems.

    The headphone socket is a 3.5mm inner-diameter barrel with a second barrel and a spring-metal tab. Ground is connected to the first (main) barrel. The stereo left channel is connected to the tip of the plug and therefore the spring-metal tab (furthest away from the socket entrance). The stereo right channel is connected to the middle of the plug and the middle barrel in the socket.

    It is possible to determine where the problem is by identifying which stereo channel is affected.

    Left channel: over time the spring in the socket's tab lessens and tends to retreat so when the plug is inserted it is loose and not pressing the spring tab. Levering the plug (pushing its wire towards the back or front of the Adam) will force a good connection.

    Right channel: wear on the central barrel can also contribute to loss of a good contact. The same procedure as described for the left channel can help although the levering often needs to be more forceful to achieve a good connection.

    Both channels, or crackling/intermittent on both: The outer barrel has a small spring tab at the top of the socket to press onto the plug. This can sometimes lose pressure.

    In some sockets it is possible with a thin needle pin or preferably a hooked tool to poke it in from the outside and coax the spring clips back towards the centre so there is firm contact with the plug. If you do this then take precautions so as not to cause an electrical short that might damage the device. Make sure it is powered off rather than just sleeping. The Adam socket is more difficult to do this to because it uses a barrel for the right channel.

    Anything you can do to tighten the mating between barrel and plug will help.

    Here's a high-resolution photo of the inside of the headphone socket taken with a macro lens and enhanced by adjusting the levels to show the internal detail.

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