Well, as feared, my power button has broken. It isn't entirely gone, it still slides up and down, but the tab has snapped completely off so I have to use my fingernail to get enough purchase on it to slide it.

In previous ROMs (2.3/3.X) I was able to remap the power button to the physical back button. That worked great in the ROM and was a much better solution than the silly thing that NI built in. Unfortunately, it is only good within the ROM itself (ie, can't be used to turn the Adam on from power off state, or from within recovery, etc). There are also issues in ICS remapping the back button. I can't find any place to remap it without also remapping the capacitive back button.

This brings me to my question:

Is there a way to permanently swap the power and back buttons on the Adam? (For example, by flashing a custom firmware, or hardware rewire mod.) I have looked at the motherboard and both buttons are physically soldered down. There's nothing swappable from a hardware standpoint. I think it would have to be a firmware change. (and is that even possible without some sort of source from NI...)

Or, if anyone good in ICS could point out where I can modify the physical back button without affecting the capacative back button, that would be awesome. That would do for now.