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Thread: [Q] Overclock vs Dual Core

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    [Q] Overclock vs Dual Core

    Is there any way to force use of the Dual Cores? Would there be any speed increases?

    One would think a Dual Core unit would perform nicely. Would the battery life be better than just OC a single core to 1.4 1.5ghz?

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    Aren't both cores in use by default?

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    Hi Clockcycle,

    A dual core processor does offer some advantages in terms of speed and capability, but forcing the use of both processors does not necessarily mean a speed increase in all occasions. A lot depends on the software you are using, and how the processor is set up to share both cores. Here is a fairly detailed discussion of multi core processors:

    and an informative forum post about dual cores in android:

    I expect that the Adam's Tegra would use one core for light loads, and kick in the second core as need requires. Again, though, it depends on how well the apps are set up to take advantage of dual cores, and how well the Tegra is itself configured to handle things.

    I have a quad core cpu in my home pc, and monitor it with an app that shows the load on each core. Sometimes, I see two, three, or even all four spike in activity. Most of the time, though, one core will spike while the others seem to be largely at rest. All the cores are there, but they don't always share the load.

    Hope that helps a bit,

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