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I am the owner of a Notion LCD, 3G, Wifi. I received it in march, 2011.
I have experienced a similar problem as you. I solved it in the following way (I found a reference in another forum:

"Damaged SD card"

I have installed Clockworkmod I fixed permissions, I wiped out (cache, Dalvik Cache, Battery Stats, and "wipe data/factory reset" (WATCH OUT because it will erase all your personal data).
I had a doubt regarding the partition of the SD card. I got Serveral options (128M, 256M, 512M, 1024M, 2048M, 4096M) and I was not sure which one I should select.

I did choose 1024M, 0M of swap and that is it. Then "Reboot System now". After the reboot the SD Card internal was working again normally and it was recognized again by sniffer, etc.

Hi and THX,

you have saved my adam! I have done what you have written and it works!!!!!

I think it was the partition what makes the diference! after that i did the factory reset and all works.