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Thread: Adam Smart watch....

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    Adam Smart watch....

    Will smartwatches help tablets replace smartphones? - Liliputing

    I think this would be the future: No more phones but tablets and smart watches. I was too late for the pebble watch kickstarter, but ordered one. Would be great if NotionInk could develop a PixelXi Smart watch, readible in the sun, but using color display. Does anybody has contact with NI and can suggest this idea to them.
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    I just want a smart watch. I already have two bluetooth headsets, and one of them can do two connections.
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    Bluetooth only works up to 25m in a best case scenario, and tablets can't be taken around everywhere. The watch could be better if it were an independent phone.
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    As a kid I used to read Arthur C Clarke, and one of his predictions for the turn of the century was "wristwatch phones". It didn't quite come to pass -- instead we saw the return of the pocket watch, in the form of mobile phones. I think the reason is obvious in retrospect -- it is tedious to hold your wrist up to your ear. Additionally, most people like to use both hands to operate the phone. I don't see a market for smart-watches.

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