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Thread: how to mount usb disk or hdd

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    how to mount usb disk or hdd

    Hi there

    Hope someone can guide me here. Previously I used gsscript to run a script to mount my external hd (we my passport). it does not seem to work now. I can see the hd in Sniffer but somehow the contents do not show up, only the folder.

    Could this be because I switched from beast2.2 to 2.2.1? is there any way I can get my HD recognized again.

    Thanks in advance for any help. Very much appreciated.

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    Aaarrrggg You're right! I had been using Beast 2.1.3 and never had trouble with it reading my external 500gb drive. I switched to 2.2.1 yesterday and hadn't even tried the drive till I saw your question... mine is now "broken" too... (I never had to run gsscript before... it "just worked" with Beast 2.1.3)

    I take back what I said, partially... If I reboot the Adam with the external drive plugged in, it does recognize it. Before, I could just plug it in. If I unplug/replug... it does NOT recognize it...
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    hey shawnteo, u r right, the same problem happened to me when i switched from beast 2.1.4 to 2.2.1. my HD never gets recognised even using Gscript; forget my hard disk even my pen drives were not woking in it. but when i reflashed adam to beast 2.1.4 my HD started working; even the pen drive
    i think its the problem in the new version of beast rom (2.2.1)

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