Cross Posting this here in case the developer doesn't check NIHacks anymore:

I wanted to mention an issue I've come across. When I flashed the VEGAn ROM, I had the sound silenced. When I went to take it off silent mode, nothing I did would bring back the sound. The volume rocker would just show an empty volume bar. When I cranked up the volume in settings, no sound came out. I did a quick search [at NIHacks] and didn't find any reports of an issue about a lack of sound.

Did a Google search and found this thread on XDA:

I tried everything suggested there and nothing worked until one of the final posts mentioned that you have to reboot without being in silent mode. If you boot up and it's already in silent mode, you're stuck in silent. I tried the fix (reboot without being in silent mode) and it worked. I put silent mode back on and rebooted. Guess what? No sound. Tried the reboot without silent mode, and sound worked again. I'm using Extended Controls to toggle (not sure if it matters, but thought I'd mention it). If the sound is working, I can go in and out of silent mode without problems and the volume rocker works right. It's only when you reboot in silent mode that it gets stuck on shhhhhhhhhh.

It's not a huge problem, but it is an inconvenience.

I did a full cache wipe and a data reset when I flashed and am having no other issues with the ROM so far. Just wanted to mention this in case others have the same problem.