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Thread: Quick Intro to Rooting (for those new to Rooting)

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    Quick Intro to Rooting (for those new to Rooting)

    ORIGINAL: Quick Intro to Rooting (for those new to Rooting)
    by twospirits Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:02 pm


    Heard about rooting? Have no idea where to even start? This thread is a starting point for YOUR education in how to take control of your Adam!

    Benefits of rooting:

    *Free wireless tether.
    *Remove applications (you might consider bloatware) placed on the device.
    *Overclocking: this will let you use your device at faster than default speed.
    *Underclocking: huge battery saver because it will throttle your device processor down when its not in use.
    *Loading custom bootscreens while the phone is powering up.
    *Flash ROMs that will let you do a variety of different things.
    *Flash Kernels that will increase performance.
    *Use a variety of apps that require root to work. An example is 'Titanium Backup', which can back up all your apps+data (even protected apps). See this link for others.
    *Create full system image backups (nandroids).

    There is one constant in all of this which is that, Rooting requires READING!
    Read up on everything you can get your hands on as much as you can! Read the 100 page threads, watch the videos, all of it! People here are more than willing to help but its tacky to ask a question thats already been asked on the first page of this forum! Use the search function, do your due diligence to find an answer, and if you turn up nothing on our forums, then by all means look in the others as well. Such as XDA, notioninkfan, etc. We are all different but with one common goal: to get the necessary tools and knowledge to the member on enhancing and perfecting your device. Hacking any device is fun and exciting but you need to do your part in preparing yourself for the task at hand.

    What this thread DOESN'T do is explain the methods of rooting or flashing particular ROMs. This is merely a primer to get you up to speed on the terminology and basics so it doesn't look like quantum physics gobbledygoop that melts your brain.

    No matter what method you use, read through it fully till you know it by heart and follow the directions EXACTLY!

    So you ask, whats Rooting?
    1) Rooting gives you superuser access to your phone. Think about your computer at work: the IT guys are in control of it and can limit your actions to what programs can be on it and what you can modify. They can do anything from disable copy/paste to censoring websites. Now, YOU are in control.

    2) Rooting lets you 'flash' things to your device. "Flashing" means either replacing or adding to the current operating system:

    *ROM: Read Only Memory - The ROM is the firmware/software on your phone which act like the operating system (OS) for your device. For example: Clockworkmod and EDENx. (This is usually a large file)
    *Radios: is referred to the tablets' radio portion, for the Adam it is GSM. The Radio is essentially a ROM that controls the phone function part (as oppose to PDA function part) of your phone. (Usually a small file)
    *Kernels: is the central component of most computer operating systems; it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level. (Usually a small file)
    *RUU: a ROM that will bring your device back to unrooted, stock condition. As rooting voids your warranty, this is a great ability to get back to out-of-the-box condition. (Usually a Large file)
    *Apps: some applications can be flashed to the phone to make them part of the system so they cannot be removed. (usually a small file)
    *bricking: When things go terribly, terribly wrong and your tablet becomes a huge placemat. This is always possible though if you take the time to read and follow directions it can be minimized.
    *adb: Android Debugging Bridge. Certain things like installing a custom bootscreen require use of ADB to accomplish. We have a separate guide on how to install and use it here.
    *bootloader: A small program that loads the operating system into the computer??s memory when the system is booted and also starts the operating system.
    *fastboot: This is something you can do when your device is rebooted into the bootloader while its plugged into your computer via USB, open a command prompt on your PC then execute commands (ive only ever done it to replace my splash screen). Fastboot is protocol used to update the flash filesystem in Android devices from a host over USB. It allows flashing of unsigned partition images.
    *Deodex & Odex: A ROM can have either. A deodex ROM is more customizable than an odex one to allow theming. Themes are customized appearances for things like the notification bar.

    3) You flash things by placing the zip into the main directory of your devices' sd card. Then you reboot the tablet into whats known as 'recovery', which is like hitting F3 (on a computer) while its booting up to get access to system info or boot into safe mode, etc.

    4) Rooting lets you create nandroid backups. These are full system image backups like your computer can make, which let you restore fully to the point where you made it. The first thing you do after rooting is make a nandroid, so you can always go back to ground zero. Its always a good idea to make a nandroid before flashing anything in case something should go wrong. With nandroids, you can go back and forth between any ROM you wish with ease. Also a good idea is to copy the nandroids from your SD card to your computer just in case.

    5) Flashing a new full ROM usually requires a complete wipe of your device (usually factory reset, data, cache and dalvik cache). Since a nandroid backup requires root access, you will have to backup your phone piecemeal to get things back the way you want it once you root and flash a new ROM. Flashing radios/kernels/apps by and large do not require wipes. Backing up usually requires a tandem of apps that can be found in the market.

    There you have it, rooting 101.

    As before, please read read read and set aside a full evening before you root. First time could take hours, thereafter it will be second nature and take a short time.

    Credits: cabbie over at androidforums for most of this, roebeet, rothnic, GoJimi, zerofeel for the links, guides and ROMs.

    TS out

    Disclaimer: The information contained herein is made for educational purposes only. If you decide to access linked third-party web sites or make use of said information, you do so at your own risk. The information may be changed without notice and is not guaranteed to be complete, correct, timely, current or up-to-date.

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