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Thread: The best antireflective screenprotector - now available to ship worldwide!

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    Cool The best antireflective screenprotector - now available to ship worldwide!

    Hello everyone,

    I thought it would be better to move this to a new thread.

    We are talking about the dipos screenprotector as described in this thread HERE (thanks Xtremedf). You can order it in two variants: antireflective or clear.

    I am doing this as a favor to the whole community and not because of material gains (trust me, I cost more per hour of work than what I gain by doing this). Main reason is, because does not ship worldwide and if it does, it can be extremely costly. Plus I am sending it to you as a letter, not a business package which would bring in question the customs and tax issues.

    The Process

    • send me a PM with what screenprotector(s) do you want (clear or antireflective) together with your email address and the address where you want it shipped
    • I will send you per email a PDF Invoice with the detailed costs and a "pay via PayPal" button inside it
    • upon receiving the payment I will purchase the desired screenprotector from amazon and ship it to my address
    • once it gets here I will re-package it safely (using cardboard to prevent the screenprotector from bending) and I will ship it to your address - letting you know at the same time that it is on the way already
    • after you get it, please post a nice feedback for me here in this topic to help me out as well
    • and finally - ENJOY your adam with a perfectly designed and built screeenprotector!

    If you look at my amount of work, you'll see that is not little at all - to ship ONE envelope.

    The Prices

    Item description Price
    dipos screenprotector - clear or antireflective 9.95 shipping 1.50
    Repackaging - envelope, address stickers, printing, cardboard 0.75
    Postage - this is the maximum, can be lower 5.90
    Service that I provide 4.00
    ===================== =====
    Total amount - as max amount to pay 22.10

    The Payment Options

    By using the Paypal system, a number of payment options are available:

    • PayPal tranfer
    • Bank Transfer (where available)
    • VISA
    • MasterCard
    • American Express

    If it seems that I am asking for a lot think about: (1) you live in a country where does not ship at all - so you couldn't get it (2) if it does it's probably more expensive (3) my time (I repeat myself, but hey - it's important!) (4) the need of having a perfect protection for the screen of your adam

    If interested PM me here and leave a short post below (to keep the thread active).


    To prevent possible discussions
    If I would scam, I could only do this once, because it's enough to have one bad review about me to stop everyone from buying them. Also, I would like to ask everyone that does buy from me to write a little feedback for my service for everyone to see.

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    I don't understand what you mean; the address sticker itself is around 30 cents.


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