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Thread: Toshiba ac 100-111 smart book problem

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    Toshiba ac 100-111 smart book problem

    Hello Everbody im new in this forum i want say firt i dont know veryy well englihs becease im turkhis person for this im soryy maybe i can be mad for helping person anway
    Hello Sir or Miss 20 days before My wife gave birth and her give me a nice gril for this I bought her a gift its comming whit android 2.2 but there dont have turkhis menu so i change whit ubuntu 12.04 but there dont have facebook calling and skype we can not dowland becease thre dont have arm always give Wrong Architecture 'i386' somebody say you can not dowland skype and other becease this is arm so i see here 4.0 there have skype and other also ubuntu 12.04 for so slowly for this computer i try for back 2.2 adroid but i can not do back becease its so so hard if somebody help me here i can do back android 2.2 and later again somebody help i can do 4.0 maybe i hope we can fix
    sir or miss help me i want dowland skype for see sometime my baby thx so veryy much for all and good days.

    so i find here sometink but its give me this

    chip uid: 0x161c10c443e00617
    macrovision: disabled
    hdcp: enabled
    sbk burned: false
    dk burned: false
    boot device: emmc
    operating mode: 3
    device config strap: 1
    device config fuse: 0
    sdram config strap: 1

    downloading bootloader -- load address: 0x108000 entry point: 0x108000
    sending file: nvflash\fastboot.stock.bin
    :936016/936016 bytes sent
    nvflash\fastboot.stock.bin sent successfully
    waiting for bootloader to initialize
    bootloader downloaded successfully
    nvflash started
    resume mode]
    sending file: img\kernel.37.img
    2985984/2985984 bytes sent
    img\kernel.37.img sent successfully
    all done!
    don't forget to reboot your device

    i reboot tegra but there write cpu1:stopping last write 18.694651 <040339dd0 cpu_idle+0x7c/0xd0 from <0042d8ec 0x42d8ec and its waiting lol i wait like 1 haurs but its same so what i need do? thx all
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    android 4.0.4 (ISC)

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