Hello friends,
I'm stuck on this Ubuntu: 2.7.102-0ubuntu3.7 - a friend of mine told me tonight it's for laptops/desktops, not for smartbooks. 3 Days ago i bought this Toshiba AC100-10d which had this operating system, i've spend my nights trying to figer out how to intall Android or Ubuntu for smartbooks and i'm kinda dissapointed... Nothing that would help me... If someone would be so kind to take 15 minutes to explain me as to a noobie (this is the first Ubuntu i see in my life) how to install Android or Ubuntu 12... I'd appreciate...
This is what i've found in my research:
Experiment with Linux (Ubuntu & more) on Firmware 2.2 for Toshiba AC100 by InterSolar
Is it possible to flash android back to my Ac100 after Ubuntu install?
and another site (i dont know if i'm alowed to post it here).
I thank you...