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Thread: Froyo on AC100 TMP problems

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    Froyo on AC100 TMP problems

    We recently bought an AC100 and upgraded to Android 2.2 with Toshiba Service Station;
    this brought extra speed (~30% guesstimated), Flash, and Toshiba Market Place (TMP) amongst others.

    TMP is a huge improvement over the Camangi Market offered with 2.1, but still far from flawless.
    You are still liable to download an apk that is fixed in portrait mode at low res, so suck it and see is the only way.

    The Bad News:
    Then it started arbitrarily logging me out of TMP and finally rejected my login - although the login worked fine on the website. Not happy.

    A full Factory Reset, restore and reboot later we manage to get into TMP again by creating a new login.

    Few days later, that borks itself in a new and interesting way.

    Clicking the TMP icon brings up the standard TMP login screen with an empty popup screen on top of it. Clicking anywhere on the popup does nothing, but <ESC> key kills it to reveal the login screen that will then neither allow a (correct) login nor a new registration - it crashes at the end of the registration process. - -

    The good news:
    Toshiba UK helpdesk (0844 847 8944 -> option 1 -> option 3) is friendly and intelligent. Long story short, in two short calls they had decided it was probably a server problem - may be coincidental but an hour later the site was down briefly - but no fix yet.

    After the third call-in I was told that it would be escalated and they would get back to me. Next day I was called back by an engineer who had replicated the problem and was taking it up to be fixed - he promised another call back in 48 working hours.

    I may be gullible, but I believe them. Unlike Acer (new 4315 with Ubuntu installed (badly) by Acer) "Try rebooting Windows", Sony (Top dollar desktop) "No video at all? Download our new drivers - what, you can't see the screen? Tough!" and others too trivial to mention. <pant><pant> /*end rant

    So if you have a prob with TMP on the AC100, it is probably going to be fixed by someday next week

    So what am I doing here? Watching and learning - very tempted by the idea of pipposanta's Honeycomb ROM

    First I need to learn the mechanics of backing up/restoring the contents of my eMMC on the AC100, and how not to brick it in the process!

    There seem to be some suggestions around, best study them carefully first.
    Time to do some reading....

    Any others wrassling with this interesting piece of hardware?

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    I think, you need change firmware from original to modified w. Google apps & Market

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